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City Planning

Singapore is an island surrounded by the sea and a total area of 719 square kilometers.With a population of 5.5 million,it is the third largest population density in the world.In the face of a severe shortage of land resources and increasing population density,Singapore's city managers realize that the best way is to make intensive and efficient use of land is to adopt a long-term and comprehensive planning approach to formulate strategic plans to guide the physical development of Singapore in a sustainable manner.The country's plans and policies are focused on achieving a quality living environment to make Singapore a great city to live ,work and play.

StrongBox Learning's research tutors provide students with an intuitive understanding of the historical change of this garden city, as well as the latest achivements in urban planning and governance.We will use a variety of ways,such as 3D table models,3D simulations,and historical galleries,to truly experience the intense planning that was put into developing this city.This program desides being suitable for primary and secondary school students,is also relevant for undergrad and graduate students.

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