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StrongBox Study Tour Frequently Asked Questions

Issuing time:2018-07-01 00:00

Q:What type of company is StrongBox Learning?

A : StrongBox Learning is a company registered in Singapore(ACRA No:201828627H)with primary business in International Study Tour, Cultural and Artistic Exchange,and Educational Enrollment. Our team is made up a professional team of local education experts,English teachers and life skill mentors.

Q:Why should you choose StrongBox Learning to be your partner

A:StrongBox Learning   programs are all originally developed by our education experts, and cover a wide range of topics. We conduct English immersion classes, school visits, urban planning and community visits, team and leadership training, Southeast Asian food culture, history and civilization, cultures of different races, scientific exploration, eco-envrionmental protection, music and dance, calligraphy painting, sports competations,parent-child education tour etc. We can also customize to meet the needs of partner study tour projects.

Q:Is it safe in Singapore?

A : Singapore has strict laws and is one of the safest countries in the world. Our short-term study tour will take the following security measures during the students stay: 1) Partner Chinese teachers will lead the team to Singapore and always be around the children; 2) Before travelling to Singapore, partner teachers are to conduct a safety briefing for students; 3) It is recommended that outbound insurance is purchased prior to travel and sign the relevant outbound travel contracts at a legal travel agency in China; 4) We will provide a full time teacher to provide 24-hour support during the study period in Singapore; and 5) We will promtly feedback all students activities in a timely manner.   

Q:How are food and lodging arranged during the short-term study tour?

A:Students will eat in a variety of dining format during their stay in Singapore which could include dining out to designated restaurants and eating in-house group meals. Accomodation could be arranged in school dormitories, hostels and hotels, depending on the booking time, the number of students and the ratio of girls and boys. Generally, we will require at least 2-3 months in advance to book accommodation. All our accommodation choices are subject to inspection and rigorous screening by the directors of StrongBox Learning to ensure the safety and comfort   of students.

Q:How soon should registation for the study tour begin?

A:Accoding to China's offical procedures, first-tier cities and provincial capitals generally take 7-14 working days to apply for passports, the rest of cities take longer. It is best to book international flights and accomodation 2-3 months in advance to get a better price, thereby reducing the costs of the study tour.

Q:What age group is suitable for the study groups?

A:Our programs are typically suitable for primary students, junior high sachool students and high school students aged 8-18 years old. However, we are always open to customize the research programs to meet the needs of our partner's students. Do call us to discuss details.

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